OFFICIAL NOTICE OF A MEETING (issued 27 September 2019)


Chairman: Cllr Paul Elmhirst

Clerk/RFO: Ruth Swales, Brookfield, The Green Stillingfleet YO19 6SG

Meetings are open to the Press and Public except for any item labelled as part 2 under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, Section 1

Press and public may not speak when the council is in progress; when councillors are discussing council business nor when councillors are in the process of decision making.

  • Any elector is entitled to attend this meeting. Any concerns, questions or suggestions will be taken after the Chairman has welcomed those present. The time for this public participation will be limited to 15 minutes.
  • Beyond the public participation session listeners may also speak at the end of the meeting for the purpose of sharing information only.
  • Decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda.

Councillors are summoned to attend this Meeting of the Parish Council (detailed above) and to consider and resolve the business to be transacted on the agenda below.



  1. Welcome / Apologies / Attendance:

a) Chair to welcome Councillors, Clerk and any visitors to the meeting.

b) Council to receive apologies and any reasons for absence from Councillors and to consider and resolve whether or not to accept any reasons given.

c) All present are requested to sign the Attendance sheet.

19049     Public Participation: if appropriate

 19050     Declarations of Interests:

Chair to remind members to make any declarations of interest in any agenda items.

19051     Minutes:

a). Council to resolve whether to accept Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 1 August 2019.

b). If approved, Chairman to initial and sign minutes as a true record.

19052     Matters Arising from the last meeting:

To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

19052.1  Playground update:

  • To receive an update from Cllr Elmhirst re developments regarding the land directly behind the Village Institute which has been identified as a potential site for a children’s playground.
  • To receive an update from Cllr Lewis re Play Stillingfleet.

19052.2 Village Hall ownership update:

To receive an update from Cllr Elmhirst re his enquiries into the ownership of the Village Hall.

19052.3 Village Green update:

To receive an update from the Village Green Committee regarding the:

– Request for a derogation from Natural England re the re-grading of the grips and ditches and contracting with Anthony Atkinson to undertake the work.

– Proposed one year extension to the ES Higher level Stewardship agreement being offered by Natural England which is due to expire in 2020.

– Removal of the overhanging trees on The Green.

– Response from the developer re the Manor Cottages gulley improvement.

– Request for Council’s approval to commissioning a preliminary excavation to identify the cause of the leak on the Green close to Heron’s flight.

– Weed wiping of the Green (last undertaken by Lower Derwent Valley Conservation Group in autumn 2016 at a cost of £600).

– Response from the Council’s insurance underwriters regarding the potential liability for accidents resulting from a rope swing on the Green.

19052.4 Street Lighting update:

To receive an update from Cllr Elmhirst and Cllr Harrison re:

– the site survey undertaken by NYCC of the Council’s street lighting inventory and the estimate provided for upgrading those assets to LED

– the replacement of the light at l Laburnum Grove

– the fault reported re the street light between Rowan House and Kenilworth House, The Green.

19053. Police Matters: To receive information and consider any police matters raised by Councillor Harrison.

19054 Planning Matters: To receive information and updates on the following:

19054.1 Stillingfleet Mine Site

  • To note the response from Selby DC Planning re their objections submitted against the revised planning application for change of use of part of the former coal mine site, Escrick Road, Stillingfleet. – ref: NY/2016/0251/FUL.
  • To ascertain whether there has been any advice re the revised date for the revised planning application to be considered.

19054.2 Escrick Clay Pit

To note that a planning application accompanied by an environmental statement has now been submitted to North Yorkshire planning re proposed new quarry to extract approximately 6 million tonnes of clay by 2053 and restoration of the site to agriculture and nature conservation with the importation of up to 2.67 million tonnes of inert materials together with the construction of new internal site access haul road, site compound, car park, site office, wheel washing facility, security fencing and gates and the construction of a temporary bridge crossing over the National Route 65 of the National Cycle Network AT land adjacent to and to the west and north of the current Escrick Quarry to the south west of Escrick, North Yorkshire, YO19 6ED.

Proposal under consideration by our Planning Committee.  A request for the extension of the time period in which the Council can submit its considered observations has been requested.

19054.3 Update re recent Planning decisions:

  • To note the granting of planning permission re the proposed installation of a dropped kerb at Holly Dene York Road Moreby (ref: 2019/0519/HPA)
  • To note the granting of planning permission re the proposed erection of an agricultural workers dwelling at Stillingfleet House, Stewart Lane Stillingfleet York (ref: 2019/1324/FUL).
  • To note the withdrawal of the planning application re the proposed erection of a duo pitched garden room extension at Spennythorne House, York Road, Stillingfleet (ref: 2019/0454/HPA)

19054.3 Update re recent Planning applications received:

  • To note that Stillingfleet Parish Council had no observations to make in respect of the application re a proposed construction of a new rear single storey extension with a flat roof and paraphet, the introduction of a new personnel door to the rear elevation of the garage and the formation of 2 new window openings to the rear gable at ground floor level at Croft View, Dales Court Stillingfleet (ref: 2019/0802/HPA).
  • To note that re-consultation papers together with a request for listed building consent have been circulated to the Planning Committee re the proposed conversion of the service wing at Moreby Hall into 9 residential units to include minor internal alterations, replacement doors and windows. Any observations are due by 14 October 2019. (ref: 2018/0810/FUL & 2019/0942/LBC).

19054.4 Update re the Council’s response to the Selby District Council’s Greenspace Audit:

19054.5 Consultation re proposed relaxation of 5G planning permission:

To consider whether Council wishes to respond to the consultation on proposed reforms to permitted development rights to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage – any response to that consultation is due by 11 October 2019

19054.6 Consultation under the Public Payphone removal programme:

To consider whether Council wishes to agree to or object to the removal of the BT telephone box adjacent to the cemetery or to adopt the phone box at the cost of £1.  Response required by 26 November 2019.

 19055    Matters raised by Councillors:

 19055.1 Inadequacy of Superfast Braodband:

To receive an update re Cllr Cook’s enquiries into complaints lodged on the Council’s website by residents of Fourways (YO19 6SD), Manor Farm, Maple Villa and Mill House (YO19 6SE) and Stillingfleet Grange (YO19 6HT) re the inadequacy of their broadband provision and

To note that the Council will offer whatever support it can on a case by case basis to hasten an improvement in broadband services.

19056    Charity Fund:

19056.1 As Trustees of the ByeLaw Field Charity  to note the closing balance on the ByeLaw Field Charity Fund as at 30 September 2019 stands at £8,098.07.

19056.2 To consider the proposal circulated on behalf of the PCC to approve a grant towards the funding of re-gilding the church clock.

19056.3 To consider a proposal tabled by Cllr Daniel on behalf of the PCC to approve a grant towards the upkeep of the churchyard and cemetery.

19057     Financial Matters:

19057.1 To receive a report from the Clerk/RFO re recent receipts and closing balances,

Recent receipts:

Rural Payments Agency £590.48


               Closing balances as at 30 September 2019:

Parish Council current account                                         £4,780.72

Parish Council NS& I account                                          £5,054.38

19057.2 To resolve to make the following payments: 

Ruth Swales reimbursement for renewal of SSL by Red Kite £36.00
Ruth Swales reimbursement for Selby DC re re-location of waste bin £72.98
HMRC re Clerk’s tax for July & August £30.40
Solutions for payroll £12.05
Ruth Swales reimbursement re annual support package from Steve Smowton £60.00
To note payment of Clerk’s salary for July & August

19057.3  Budgeting:

To review the predicted outturn for year ending 31 March 2020 against the 2019/20 budget and consider the explanation of any projected material variances (i.e. greater than £100 or 15% above/below budget).

19057.4  Bus service subsidy / contingency:

To note that the 42S bus service ended in £415.07 deficit for year ending April 2019 but that deficit is to be covered by a contribution from NYCC and to note that funding has been secured to subsidise the bus service for the next 2 years until year ending April 2021.

To consider John Cattanach’s suggestion that the Council raise a contingency reserve of £74 which would be Stillingfleet’s estimated contribution towards building a £1,000 contingency reserve for subsidising the service beyond April 2021.

19057.5  Half yearly internal control check:

To request that Cllr Daniel and Cllr Collingridge undertake the half yearly internal control check of the Council’s accounting and governance.

 19057.6  Consultation on the Audit procedures

To consider whether Council wishes to respond to the invitation to submit our views on the effectiveness and consistency of the current audit arrangements as part of the independent review into local government audit procedures. Responses due by 18 October 2019.

19057.7  Internal Audit 2019/20 year-end

To consider whether Council would wish to appoint the YLCA’s Internal Audit Panel as its independent internal auditor for 2019/20 financial year end – fee would be £140 plus any auditor travel time and mileage @ £0.45 per mile.

  1. Date of future Meeting:

To confirm the date of the next meeting as Thursday 5 December 2019 at 7.30pm.

Signed : Ruth Swales, Clerk to the Council,