Minutes of meeting held on 6th October 2016

Present:- Cllrs P Elmhirst, J Atkinson, L Collingridge, J Cook, R Daniel, T Harrison,           A Spaven, D Swinglehurst.

In Attendance:- J Birch (Clerk to Council),  Michelle Dixon, Paul Holt, Ross Powell.

Public Participation:-

Cllr Elmhirst asked each of the visitors if they wished to make a statement.  Ross Powell was for the tree swing (emails between him and Cllr Elmhirst forwarded to each Parish Councillor on September 27th), Paul Holt was against a play area on the green supported by the majority of residents and those without children and Michelle Dixon had sent an email (forwarded to each Parish Councillor) of detailed objections to a play area on the green.

Apologies:- None.

Declarations of Interest:- Cllr Elmhirst (pensioners’ Christmas lunch).

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 4th August 2016 were confirmed as a correct record.

Matters arising from meeting 4th August 2016:- None.


Police matters

The Clerk checked the offer from the Police for their Community Messaging to be sent to the email addresses of Parish Councillors and this was resolved with two councillors unwilling for their email addresses to be given.


Planning matters:-

Conifer Drive development –

Cllr Elmhirst confirmed that a flap valve had been fitted (at the beck exit).  This concluded the item.

Manor Cottage development –

Cllr Elmhirst reported completion of the roadwork was awaiting the final sale and that the leak in the service road of the development was for the builders to sort out.

SDC Planning approved with conditions agricultural planning application for change to housing of two agricultural units, Ashfield Farm, York Road –

The Clerk reported that he had circulated the conditions to Parish Councillors.

Consultation on City of York Local Plan – no comments.

Retrospective planning application for change of use of agricultural land to pheasant rearing at Ashfield Farm, York Road: PC observations have been sent

Retrospective planning application for change of use of agricultural land to be used as a motocross track including associated earth jumps at land South of Airfield, Back Lane, Acaster Selby: PC observations have been sent –

Various comments were made about unsatisfactory aspects.

SDC Planning granted permission for proposed gabion/hedge boundary treatment, vehicular access and erection of carport and greenhouse at The Cottage, Moreby

Planning application received for discharge of condition 02 (materials), 03 (landscaping) 04 (site enclosure), 05 (vehicular access) and 06 (soakaway details) of approval 2015/0450/FUL for Demolition of garage / workshop and erection of new garage to the front of Applegarth Bungalow and new dwelling to the rear plot at Dales Court – no comment.


Play area: Report to receive from Committee –

Cllr Elmhirst reported that Judith Pollock, who had been a member of the Committee, had resigned as a Parish Councillor on leaving the area.

A letter dated 14th September 2016 to Cllr Elmhirst from Yvonne Clarke was against a play area on the green.  The minutes of the Play Area Committee held on 19th September 2016 and the draft letter to the Stillingfleet Play Group (which had been emailed to Parish Councillors) were approved and it was resolved to send the letter to Stillingfleet Play without amendment.

It was resolved that the conditions for insurance made provision of a tree swing expensive.  The councillors also considered the proximity to the road made the tree unsuitable for a swing and that a professional risk assessment could not be justified.

Cllr Elmhirst said that the report just made contained the minutes of the meeting on 19th September.

Ross Powell and Michelle Dixon left the meeting at the end of the item.


Transparency Fund and website development: invoice received for £233.00 –

It was resolved to reimburse Cllr Cook for the interim charge by Red Kite of £233.00 and to give the Committee authority to spend up to the £750 quoted for set up and to purchase a laptop with a 15// screen for which £300 had been allowed with £100 for a scanner/printer.


Village Green:-

Work to trees: stump grinding: 2nd reminder sent 12/10/14 –

Cllr Elmhirst reported that he was to remind Branches Out and would do so when they came to cut a neighbours hedge.

Meeting with Natural England: invoice for weed wiping if received

Procedure for aftermath –

The state of the green was improving with the weed wiping and it was resolved to accept Natural England’s offer next year of repeating the weed wiping and not charging for the equipment.

Cllr Elmhirst reported that he had met Ailsa of Natural England and she had insisted that the aftermath was removed after cutting.  She had also approved banking earth on the green on the east of the churchyard wall.  Cllrs Swinglehurst and Daniel did not have the equipment for baling and the only names of Richard Burnison of Long Marston and David Atkinson were mentioned for Cllr Elmhirst to try immediately.  He would go back to Ailsa if they were unwilling to tender for haylage and removal of the bales.  Cllr Elmhirst suggested that this action could be overseen by the Drainage Committee but he was given the authority to act alone if it was a simple matter.


Risk Assessment

Church boundary wall –

It was noted that the church architect’s approval in writing had been received.  It was resolved to go ahead at no cost with about 12// of the top of the wall left exposed.


Financial matters:-

Half year accounts report – accepted.

Conclusion of external audit – The Clerk said that the return had an incorrect comment from the external auditor that the vehicle actuated signs should have been recorded as an asset, but they were in fact hired.  It was agreed that when writing to the external auditor of his change of address that he should mention this error.  It was resolved that the cost to be stated for an elector to have a copy of the return to be £3.20 (which equals the Drainage Board price).


Charity matters:-

Farm Business Tenancy –

Cllr Spaven reported that Cundalls had arranged a new FBT to be with David Swinglehurst.  The rent is £117.00 per acre to be paid at 6 months and Cllr Spaven would check about the entitlements being handed over to the new tenant.

Subsidy for buses Sunday and Bank Holiday service –

With reference to the email and attachment of September 17th from Cawood Parish Council that had been forwarded to Parish Councillors, it was resolved to support the service by paying a proportionate subsidy.

Pensioners’ Christmas lunch contribution (last year £350) –

Cllr Elmhirst reported that he had seen Grace Atkinson and she was happy with £350.00.

This amount of £350.00 was authorised for payment.

Judith Pollock was no longer a signatory to the NS&I account and it was resolved to appoint Cllr Collingridge to replace her.



Email and attachment from Michelle Dixon 9/8/16 against playground on the green – forwarded to Parish Councillors.

CPRE NY Branch notice of AGM on September 5th and minutes of AGM on 29/5/15

CPRE Countryside Voice and Fieldwork, Summer 2016

Selby and District DIAL appeal letter, newsletter and two leaflets – policy not to support charitable requests.

York Disabled Workers Co-operative appeal letter and catalogue – policy not to support charitable requests.

Clerks & Councils Direct, September 2016 with HAGS-SMP advertisement

NYCC Selby Area Committee notice of meeting and agenda for September 19th


Any other business:

Clerk retirement –

Cllr Elmhirst reported on progress.  An advertisement will be placed in the YLCA newsletter.  The Clerk said not to include him on training for the new website.

Cllr Harrison mentioned that trees by the bridge were blocking the view of southbound traffic for vehicles entering the main road from the SE sector of the green.  It was resolved that the Clerk as well as Cllr Harrison would email Acorn Lighting Service about the new LED light functioning only rarely.


Date of next meeting – Thursday 1st December 2016 in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed 9.20 pm.