Inspection made on the  20 March  2018 by Paul Elmhirst and Richard Daniel

Presented to Stillingfleet Parish Council Meeting on the 12th April 2018.




  Problem Recommended Action

Fallen willow tree on South East sector

Leaning willows in South West sector

John Bowness to remove and dispose of fallen tree

Contact Branches Out re removal of lower branches

Contact Electricity Board

Walls / fences / hedges Wall of Churchyard may have shifted but earth banking OK  
Manhole covers Two damaged manholes in South West sector which serve old council houses on Cawood Road Contact Council
Drain outlets 2 damaged manholes in North East sector that need to be investigated Investigations required
Effluent leaks Many may be hidden and/or blocked.  Will have to wait until the Green has dried out Investigations required
Dog Poo Not noticed but very wet  
Notices OK  
Other Stuff Pot holes  





  Problem Recommended Action

Fences and gates







  Problem Recommended Action
Street lights OK  
Bus shelters OK  
Benches OK  
Waste bins OK  
Footbridges OK  
Pavements Mostly OK.  Path on North Western sector flooded. No escape for water