2 AUGUST 2018

  1. Welcome: Chair to welcome councillors, clerk and any visitors to the meeting and open the public participation session if appropriate.
  2.    Apologies / Attendance
  1. a) Council to receive apologies and any reasons for absence from councillors; to consider and resolve whether or not to accept any reasons given.
  2. b) All present are requested to sign the Attendance sheet.
  1. Declarations of Interests:

Chair to remind members to make any declarations of interest in any agenda items.

18020     Minutes:

a). To resolve whether to accept Minutes of the annual Parish Council meeting held on 31 May 2018.

b). If approved, Chairman to sign minutes as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting:

To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

180021.1 Defibrillator update re:

–     the installation of the equipment – scheduled to take place 20 July

–     attendance at the training event on 25 July

18021.2  Playground and Play area updates re:

–     any response from Natural England re the exclusion of part of the Green from the Stewardship Scheme to allow the grass to be kept short to encourage children’s play

–     the receipt of a further £109.98 from S106 funding which when the VAT is re-claimed will mean 100% of the cost has been secured

–     installation of a picnic table

–     response from John Boness re his appetite for selling his orchard as a potential site for the playground

18021.3  Village Green updates re:

–     confirmation from Selby DC that the proposed dog waste bins would be a suitable use of S106 Recreational Open Spaces (ROS) funding provided that they will be positioned on ROS. (£454 funding available under S106 scheme).  Council to decide on the number of bins to be purchased; to RESOLVE to place the order and to decide on site location for the placement of the bins.

–     the availability of stickers (provided by Selby DC under their ‘Don’t be a waster’ campaign) which can be affixed to other waste bins in the village advising that bagged dog waste can be deposited in those bins

–     the proposed re-siting of the litter bin adjacent to the Church lynch gate

–     any responses from dog owners re appetite to join the Green Dog Walker Scheme

–     any response from Natural England re the re-grading of the grips and ditches; any available grants to enable this drainage improvement work and any quotes received for the work to be completed in the autumn.

–     completion of the work by Branches Out to remove fallen tree and lower branches identified for removal through the Risk Assessment.

  1. Policy Review Update :

To consider and review the final draft documents (appendices 1 & 2 in DropBox>PC meeting – 2/8/18) which the Policy Review Committee recommend for adoption by the Council and :

–  RESOLVE to adopt the proposed Financial Regulations

–  RESOLVE to adopt the proposed Standing Orders

To note that all adopted policies will be posted onto the Council Website for future reference. 

18023     General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): To demonstrate and evidence that the Council is making progress in moving towards compliance Councillors to consider, review and RESOLVE to approve the proposed GDPR Data Audit which has been completed by the Policy Review Committee (appendix 3 in the DropBox>PC meeting – 2/8/18)

  1. 18024. Police Matters: To receive information and consider any police matters raised by Councillor Harrison.
  2. Planning Matters: To receive information and updates on the following:
  • the further postponement of the planning hearing (which had been scheduled for 17 July 2018) in relation to the application for change of use of part of the former coal mine site, Escrick Road, Stillingfleet. – ref: NY/2016/0251/FUL. Next planning hearing expected to be 11 September.
  • The revised plans received from Sean Duggan for the development of the Plantation House site – ref: 2018/0055/FUL
  • the withdrawal of the planning application for the proposed single storey side / rear extensions, alterations to existing house and demolition of existing utility room, avery and garage at Woodford, York Road, Stillingfleet, YO19 6HW

To receive the following planning decision:

  • the granting of planning permission subject to listed conditions allowing the proposed demolition of existing rear lean to and replacement with a single storey side extension to the gable end of The Bungalow at Moreby Grange, Stillingfleet YO19 6HN – Ref: 2018/0538/HPA
  • the granting of permission to demolish the existing garage and erect 2 detached dwellings at Stillingfleet Service Station, York Road – Ref: 2018/0152/FUL 
  1. Matters raised by Councillors

To consider the following issues tabled by Councillors and discuss and deecide upon any further action where necessary:

18026.1  Speed at which motorcyclists ride through our Parish and what steps the Council could take to ensure that they stick to the speed limit. (raised by Cllr Collingridge)

18026.2  Proposal re the removal of 3 or 4 tress from the Churchyard (raised by Cllr Cook) 

  1. Website

To receive updates on the following and decide on any further action as appropriate:

  • To note that, as part of the Website Maintenance agreement, Red Kite have undertaken their quarterly checks of the website functionality and checked all the back up files saved at an external location. All appears to be in order.
  • To consider Sam Lyth’s recommendation that Council apply for a Secure Site Licence (SSL). Although not strictly necessary as the Council does not collect anything that requires securing, Google flag up any sites without an SSL as “unsafe”.  Cost of an SSL would be £36 per annum.

18028     Laptop

To receive updates on the following and decide on any further action as appropriate:

  • To consider the expert advice obtained from (Steve Smowton) regarding what is necessary to get the Council’s laptop functioning to meet the Council’s requirements and satisfy GDPR legislation. Estimates for the various recommendations are as follows:

Change laptop login Username & password

Update Windows 10 to latest release

Remove Anti-virus and replace with Microsoft Defender to update laptop security

Install Google Chrome browser

Add bookmarks for Parish Council website & email

Install Parish Council Dropbox

Install Teamviewer for remote support





Supply & install Office 2016 professional plus

(Word, excel, Powerpoint, Publisher & Outlook)



Supply & install password protected encrypted drive for personal data using Veracrypt system to meet the ‘secure’ standard for personal data storage required by the GDPR




  • In the future Council also asked to consider subscribing for remote support for the laptop, the Council’s data and programmes which Escrick.Net could provide for £60 per annum.
  1. 18029. Financial Matters

18029.1  To confirm the period for the exercise of public rights to inspect the annual accounts has passed (13 July 2018) and no requests were lodged.

18029.2  To receive a report from the Clerk/RFO on recent receipts, closing balances and budget variances and resolve to make any payments due:

 Recent receipts:

Northern Powergrid – Wayleaves £238.29
VAT refund 2017-18 £708.40
2nd 50% of S106 funds for picnic table £109.98


Closing balances as at 30 June 2018 :

Parish Council current account                                         £5,892.82

Parish Council NS& I account                                          £2,072.05


To resolve to make the following payments:

NYCC re Street Lighting energy £1490.81
Badger Benches re Picnic table £263.94
Donation to ByeLaw Field re net income from 2017/18 previously transacted through Council current account (Rent income from field minus donation to PCC re grass cutting and donation towards Pensioners Christmas lunch) £209.00
Ruth Swales re DropBox annual fee £144.00
S Atkinson & Son re cutting and baling of the Green £2,268.00
Ruth Swales – expenses £29.05
HMRC re Clerk tax (May & June) £63.80
Solutions for Payroll £12.05
To note payment of Clerk’s salary for May & June

18029.3  To consider the comparison to budget and note any significant adverse predicted outturn (Appendix 4 in the DropBox>PC meeting 2/8/18)

  1.  Training

To consider nominating the Clerk to attend a YLCA Training Day for more experienced Clerks proposed for 12 October 2018 at a cost of £115.

18031     Charity Matters

To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where appropriate:

–        any response from Cundalls re the preparation of the Farm Business Tenancy agreement re the ByeLaw Field

–        the opening of the Yorkshire Bank current account for the Charity in replacement for the NS&I account.

–        Balance of ByeLaw Field Charity (NS&I) account          £8,073.42 

  1. Date of Next Meeting:

To confirm the date of the next meeting as Thursday 4 October 2018 at 7.30pm

Signed ; Ruth Swales, Clerk to the Council,