The Parish Council is keen to work in partnership with ‘Up for Yorkshire’, a not-for-profit organisation which, amongst other initiatives, runs a car service for those who cannot access conventional public transport.

The scheme provides a safe, door to door service from a team of kind and friendly volunteer drivers.

Here in Stillingfleet we have a key challenge in that access to public transport is very limited and we suspect some of our residents would really appreciate being able to call on a local volunteer driver when they need to be somewhere not easily accessed by the 42 bus.

Here’s some details of how the Transport Service might help you to get out and about.


Community Transport Flyer (1)


To be able to offer this service to Stillingfleet residents ‘Up for Yorkshire’ urgently needs to recruit more volunteer drivers to help meet the demand.


Volunteer Drivers Flyer


If you can help and are interested in volunteering please contact ‘Up for Yorkshire’ to learn more about the scheme.  Their contact details are included above.