On 1 April, the county council and seven district and borough councils in North Yorkshire will become one – North Yorkshire Council.

North Yorkshire Council will become the geographically largest council in England. It is being built with local at heart and it aims to be the most local, large council in the country. Replacing eight councils now will give North Yorkshire Council the best possible chance of protecting our valued services at a time of exceptional financial pressures and high demand. By joining up services and maximising our spending power, we will save between £30 million and £70 million which will then become annual savings. This money can be used to protect some of our most important local services at a critical time when everyone and every organisation is feeling the pressure.

Staff who currently serve you will continue to provide the services they deliver now. A main office will be retained in each former district area and will be supported by a further 30 local customer access points in places you go. There will be one phone number and one website, making sure access to support and services will be easier.

The council will advocate for the best possible opportunities for you, while protecting and enhancing our landscapes and heritage. Working with our six county MPs, the council will have a strong voice to ensure that national Government understands and acts on the issues that affect you across our county.

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