1. Election of Officers


2. ByeLaw Field Charity Committee Terms of Reference

Click to access Charity-Committee-ToR.pdf

3. Revised Standing Orders reflecting the new procurement thresholds published in 2022

Click to access Stillingfleet-PC-Standing-Orders-revised-2022.pdf

4. Revised Financial Regulations reflecting the new procurement thresholds published in 2022

Click to access Stillingfleet-PC-Financial-Regs-May-2022.pdf

5. Freedom of Information Policy

Click to access Stillingfleet-PC-Freedom-of-information-policy-May-2022.pdf

6. Revised Complaints Procedure

Click to access Stillingfleet-PC-Complaints-Procedure-May-2022.pdf

7. Annual Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment report March 2022

8. Internal Control Checklist

Click to access Internal-Control-Checklist-as-at-31-March-2022.pdf

9. Annual Internal Audit Report 2021-22

Click to access Stillingfleet-Internal-Audit-Report-2022.pdf

10. Internal Audit Action Plan

Audit Action Plan resulting from 2022 Internal Audit

11. Annual Governance Statement 2021-22

Click to access Annual-Governance-Statement-2021-22.pdf

12. Accounting Statements 2021-22

Click to access Accounting-Statements-2021-22.pdf

13. Explanations of variances 2021-22 v 2020-21

Click to access Explanation-of-variances-2021-22.pdf

14. 20sPlenty Briefing

20splenty briefing

15. Tender for hay-making

Click to access Tender-for-cutting-the-Green-2022.pdf

16. Affordable Housing Need Survey Results

Click to access Results-of-survey.pdf

17. YLCA Training Programme – June/July 2022

Click to access YLCA-Webinar-Training-Programme-June-and-July-2022.pdf