Stillingfleet has suffered floods in the past but it now has a higher flood bank to keep the Ouse out and pumps to prevent water building up on the green, so flooding is much less likely.

However, here are some sensible precautions in case of an emergency.

  • Call ‘Floodline’ for official information on 0345 988 1188
  • Read Environment Agency Advice
  • Move valuable possessions such as pets, cars, furniture, electrical equipment, computers, personal items and important papers above likely water levels.
  • Check your insurance now. Do you have flood cover for your property and its contents? Are the insured values adequate?

You may also find it helpful to refer to this link which explains how to prepare for floods and flooding

Village Flood Coordinator

The coordination of aid and assistance in the village will be led by Richard Daniel 07808 927578 until official rescue authorities arrive and take over. Those needing help and those willing to assist the afflicted by helping to move household contents and the infirm should contact Richard in the first instance.

Learn how to protect your property by knowing how to take the following steps before the day of a flood:

  1. Know how to turn off your mains water and electricity.
  2. Check your drains and how to block them (you will need expanding plugs) to prevent flood water coming up your sewage pipes and sink outlets.
  3. Check for low level openings in your house walls and how to block them.
  4. Clean fire grates and stoves.
  5. Where appropriate, turn off central heating boilers and oil/gas supply.

If Stillingfleet were to suffer a catastrophic flood (as it did in 1947 when the main road bridge was impassable) those on the north side of the beck should warn their neighbours, take the steps mentioned above and then head for the village hall as a temporary refuge. Those on the south side should do the same.

Finally, we recommend that those who may be at risk of flooding should register with the Environment Agency ‘Flooding Warnings Direct’ by ringing 0345 988 1188.

Once registered you will receive direct flood information relevant to your property (day or night) from the Department of the Environment.